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Indonesia Coffee Bean Supplier Review

Indonesia is one of the largest coffee producers in the world. Indonesian coffee is known for its unique and diverse flavors, depending on its origin. This makes Indonesia a favorite destination for coffee lovers from all over the world.

For coffee suppliers, Indonesia is a promising market. However, to get high-quality Indonesian coffee, suppliers need to be careful in choosing a supplier. There are many Indonesian coffee suppliers that offer their products, but not all of them have good quality.

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Here is a review of Indonesian coffee bean suppliers that can help suppliers find high-quality Indonesian coffee:

Determine your needs

The first step that suppliers need to do is to determine their needs. Things to consider include:

  • Type of coffee needed (Arabica, Robusta, or blend)
  • Coffee quality needed (specialty, premium, or standard)
  • Quantity of coffee needed
  • Affordable price

By determining your needs first, suppliers can be easier to find the right supplier.

Find information

After knowing your needs, suppliers can start looking for information about Indonesian coffee suppliers. Information that can be searched for includes:

  • Company profile
  • Types of coffee offered
  • Coffee quality
  • Quantity available
  • Price

Suppliers can find this information through various sources, such as the internet, brochures, or recommendations from friends or business partners.

Choose a supplier

After getting information from various sources, suppliers can start choosing the right supplier. In choosing a supplier, suppliers need to consider several factors, such as:

  • Company reputation
  • Coffee quality
  • Price
  • Service

Company reputation can be learned from customer testimonials or online reviews. Coffee quality can be learned from the information provided by the supplier, such as cupping results or certificates. Prices can be compared from several suppliers. Service can be learned from the experience of previous customers.

Place an order

After choosing a supplier, suppliers can start placing an order. In placing an order, suppliers need to pay attention to several things, such as:

  • Type of coffee
  • Coffee quality
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Shipping method

Suppliers need to make sure that their order information is correct and complete.

Receive goods

After the order is complete, the supplier will receive the goods from the supplier. In receiving the goods, the supplier needs to inspect the goods first to make sure that the goods are as ordered.

Stage 6: Evaluate the supplier

The supplier can start evaluating the supplier. The evaluation can be carried out based on several factors, such as:

  • Coffee quality
  • Price
  • Service

This evaluation can help suppliers in determining whether the supplier will be recommended to other suppliers.


Indonesia coffee bean suppliers offer a variety of high-quality coffees at competitive prices. By following the steps above, suppliers can more easily find the right Indonesian coffee supplier.

Here are some additional tips for suppliers in finding high-quality Indonesian coffee:

  • Consult with a coffee expert

If the supplier does not have experience in evaluating coffee, the supplier can consult with a coffee expert. Coffee experts can help suppliers in determining the type of coffee, coffee quality, and appropriate price.

  • Be brave to taste coffee

One of the best ways to evaluate coffee is to taste it yourself. Suppliers can ask for coffee samples from the supplier to try.

  • Build a relationship with the supplier

By building a good relationship with the supplier, suppliers can get better information and service.

By following these tips, suppliers can more easily find high-quality Indonesian coffee that meets their needs.