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Our vision lies in delivering sustainable value to stakeholders.We are constantly monitoring developments in the market and evaluating strategic opportunities that could potentially enhance shareholder value.throungh consistent performance,our track record and diciplined investment strategy provide greater access to growth opportunities,resultint in sustainable returns.

Our investment strategy

In the last five years, we have strengthened our position in the agri,fishery and supply chain business sectors by leveraging on our experience and expertise to deliver high-quality products and services to our customers. We have also diversified our portfolio, entering new markets and introducing new offerings with promising opportunities for growth, while remaining focused on our two core businesses. Despite the uncertainties and challenges experienced in the last several years, we have consistently achieved strong financial and operational results, demonstrating our resilience and agility. Our theme for this year’s, Strengthening Foundations, Shaping a Sustainable Future, describes how we have built a solid foundation for future success in our two core businesses, while pursuing new avenues for value creation and competitive advantage.

Delivering Long Term Value on a Sustained Basis

Since 2018 we have re-organised our diverse portfolio into distinct operating groups, each with a clear purpose, vision and strategy. With a more focused approach, each operating group can take advantage of market opportunities, attract talent, optimiseresources, and invest in requisite assets and capabilities to deliver profitable growth and build long-term value on a sustained basis

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