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Absolutely, I’d be happy to give you an overview of the top 10 coffee shops in Philippines. However, due to the length, I’ll provide a concise summary for each coffee shop.

Indulging in the rich aromas and flavors of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee is an experience revered in the bustling archipelago of the Philippines. Amidst its dynamic streets and vibrant communities, the Filipino love for coffee transcends mere beverage consumption; it embodies a cultural affair that celebrates craftsmanship, community, and the richness of local flavors.

Within this tapestry of coffee culture, a myriad of coffee shops have emerged, each with its unique tale to tell and flavors to offer. From the cozy corners of Makati to the bustling streets of Quezon City, these coffee havens beckon both locals and travelers alike, promising not just a cup of joe but an immersive journey into the heart of Philippine coffee heritage.

Join us as we traverse through the top 10 coffee shops that stand as pillars in this caffeinated landscape, each one brewing its blend of specialty drinks, fostering community connections, and embracing the rich tapestry of Filipino coffee traditions.

1. Coffee Shops in Philippines: Yardstick Coffee

Location: Makati City, Manila
Overview: Known for its meticulously roasted beans and specialty coffee, Yardstick Coffee is a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts. They focus on direct trade with farmers and offer a range of brewing methods.

Special Drinks: Yardstick Coffee is renowned for its innovative drinks, such as the “Sproshake,” a combination of espresso and milkshake, and the “Coffee Kombucha,” a refreshing blend of cold brew and kombucha.


  • Quality Roasts: Yardstick excels in meticulously roasting high-quality beans, ensuring top-notch coffee.
  • Innovative Drinks: Offers unique drinks like the “Sproshake” and “Coffee Kombucha,” appealing to adventurous coffee enthusiasts.
  • Educational Workshops: Conducts workshops and classes, promoting coffee education and appreciation.


  • Limited Seating: Space might be limited during peak hours due to its popularity.
  • Higher Price Point: The quality of their coffee reflects in the prices, which might be relatively higher compared to some other options.

2. Local Edition

Location: Makati City, Manila
Overview: Situated in the heart of Makati, Local Edition stands out for its cozy ambiance and dedication to serving quality coffee sourced from local farms. It’s a favorite spot for professionals and creatives alike.

Special Drinks: Local Edition excels in its signature “Kape Negra,” a bold and strong black coffee that showcases the rich flavors of locally sourced beans. Their “Mint Mojito Coffee” is also a hit, offering a refreshing twist to traditional iced coffee.


  • Cozy Atmosphere: Known for its inviting ambiance, making it a great spot for work or relaxation.
  • Kape Negra: Their signature strong black coffee is a hit among traditional coffee lovers.
  • Friendly Staff: Often praised for their friendly and attentive customer service.


  • Crowded During Peak Hours: Due to its popularity, it can get crowded, making it challenging to find seating during busy times.
  • Limited Food Menu: Some customers might find the food options limited compared to other cafes.

3. Commune Cafe + Bar

Location: Makati City, Manila
Overview: Commune is a community-driven cafe that supports local coffee farmers. They offer a variety of single-origin beans and emphasize sustainability in their operations.

Special Drinks: Commune’s standout drink is the “Commune Cappuccino Cubes.” These are frozen cubes of their signature cappuccino that customers can drop into a glass of warm milk, allowing for a customizable coffee experience.


  • Community-Centric: Actively supports local farmers and fosters a sense of community through various events.
  • Unique Offerings: The “Commune Cappuccino Cubes” offer a distinctive coffee experience.
  • Sustainable Practices: Emphasizes sustainability in sourcing and operations.


  • Space Constraints: Limited seating space during peak hours.
  • Occasional Service Delays: Service might be slow during busy times.

4. EDSA Beverage Design Group

Location: Mandaluyong City, Manila
Overview: EDSA Beverage Design Group is known for its experimental approach to coffee. They curate their menu with seasonal offerings and unique brewing techniques, appealing to adventurous coffee lovers.

Special Drinks: EDSA Beverage Design Group is known for its seasonal offerings. One standout is the “Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee,” where coffee beans are aged in bourbon barrels, infusing them with unique flavors.


  • Experimental Offerings: Known for its innovative and seasonal coffee experiments.
  • Engaging Atmosphere: Inviting space for those seeking a unique coffee experience.
  • Friendly Staff: Often praised for their knowledgeable and friendly baristas.


  • Limited Seating: Space constraints, especially during busy hours.
  • Higher Prices: Some offerings might be priced higher due to their uniqueness and experimentation.

5. Craft Coffee Revolution

Location: Quezon City, Manila
Overview: This artisanal coffee shop focuses on educating customers about coffee. They offer classes and workshops in addition to serving high-quality brews sourced from Philippine farms.

Special Drinks: Craft Coffee Revolution’s specialty lies in their “Pour Over Flight.” It allows customers to taste and compare different single-origin beans brewed through the pour-over method, emphasizing the diverse flavors of Philippine coffee.


  • Education Focus: Offers classes and workshops, making it an educational hub for coffee enthusiasts.
  • Diverse Menu: Provides a wide selection of single-origin beans and brewing methods.
  • Friendly Environment: Known for its welcoming and knowledgeable staff.


  • Location Challenges: Might be less accessible for some due to its specific location in Quezon City.
  • Higher Prices: Specialty coffee can be priced higher compared to regular coffee shops.

6. Bo’s Coffee

Location: Multiple branches nationwide
Overview: Bo’s Coffee is a homegrown brand with various branches across the Philippines. They prioritize Philippine coffee and provide a cozy ambiance, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists.

Special Drinks: Bo’s Coffee offers the “Bospresso Shake,” a blend of espresso, milk, and ice cream, perfect for those who love a creamy and caffeinated treat.


  • National Presence: With branches across the Philippines, it’s easily accessible to a wide audience.
  • Local Emphasis: Proudly promotes Philippine coffee and supports local farmers.
  • Comfortable Setting: Offers a cozy ambiance for meetings or casual gatherings.


  • Consistency Issues: Some customers report inconsistencies in drink quality across different branches.
  • Limited Specialty Menu: May not offer as diverse a range of specialty drinks compared to smaller, specialized cafes.

7. Philippine Coffee House

Location: Multiple branches in Manila
Overview: Philippine Coffee House celebrates local coffee culture. They serve a wide array of Filipino coffee blends, showcasing the rich diversity of coffee beans grown in the country.

Special Drinks: This coffee house highlights local flavors in their “Barako Brew,” a strong and robust coffee made from Liberica beans indigenous to the Philippines.


  • Local Coffee Variety: Showcases a diverse array of Filipino coffee blends.
  • Accessible Locations: Multiple branches across Manila for convenience.
  • Pricing: Often offers competitive pricing for quality coffee.


  • Ambiance: Some branches might have a less inviting ambiance compared to smaller, boutique cafes.
  • Limited Seating: Space constraints might be an issue during peak hours.

8. The Curator

Location: Makati City, Manila
Overview: This coffee bar is known for its exceptional coffee and craft cocktails. The Curator’s attention to detail in both its beverages and ambiance attracts a diverse crowd.

Special Drinks: The Curator specializes in craft cocktails alongside coffee. One of their unique offerings is the “Espresso Tonic,” combining espresso with tonic water for a refreshing twist.


  • Craft Cocktails: Offers a unique blend of craft cocktails and specialty coffee.
  • Refined Atmosphere: Known for its sophisticated ambiance and attention to detail.
  • Expert Baristas: Staff are well-trained and knowledgeable.


  • Higher Prices: Drinks, especially cocktails, may be more expensive compared to standalone coffee shops.
  • Limited Food Options: Food menu might be relatively limited compared to dedicated cafes or restaurants.

9. Single Origin

Location: Multiple branches in Manila
Overview: As the name suggests, Single Origin focuses on providing single-origin coffee beans, highlighting the distinct flavors from different regions. Their menu reflects the diversity of Philippine coffee.

Special Drinks: Single Origin offers the “Coffee Sangria,” a delightful blend of coffee, fruit juices, and a hint of spirits, creating a unique and refreshing beverage.


  • Focus on Single Origin Beans: Showcases the diverse flavors of various regions through their beans.
  • Quality Brews: Known for consistently serving high-quality coffee.
  • Accessible Locations: Multiple branches make it easily accessible.


  • Crowded Spaces: Might get crowded during peak hours due to popularity.
  • Price: Specialty drinks might be priced higher than average.

10. Refinery

Location: Multiple branches in Manila
Overview: Combining a cafe, bar, and restaurant, Refinery offers a unique experience. They serve specialty coffee alongside a diverse food menu, catering to various preferences.

Special Drinks: Refinery’s standout is the “Coffee Old Fashioned,” a cocktail that infuses whiskey with cold brew coffee, sugar, and bitters, offering a sophisticated and flavorful drink.


  • Versatility: Combines a cafe, bar, and restaurant, offering a diverse experience.
  • Food Menu: Offers a diverse food menu alongside coffee options.
  • Ambiance: Known for its trendy and modern ambiance.


  • Busy Atmosphere: Might get noisy and crowded, affecting the ambiance during peak hours.
  • Service Time: Some customers report longer wait times during busy periods.

Each of these coffee shops offers its unique ambiance, coffee selection, and approach to the craft, contributing to the vibrant coffee culture in the Philippines. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply enjoy a good cup of joe, exploring these spots promises a delightful experience in the world of Philippine coffee.

As the aroma of freshly brewed coffee lingers in the air, our expedition through the top 10 coffee shops in Philippines draws to a close. From the invigorating sips of innovative concoctions to the warm embrace of traditional brews, each cafe visited revealed not just a reverence for coffee but a deep-rooted passion for craftsmanship, community, and local heritage.

In these bustling spaces where the sound of coffee beans grinding harmonizes with conversations and the clinking of cups, we’ve witnessed more than just a beverage being served; we’ve encountered stories of dedication, sustainability, and the vibrant spirit of Filipino coffee culture.

As the sun sets on this exploration, may the aroma and flavors linger in your memories, beckoning you to revisit these havens and continue unraveling the rich tapestry of Philippine coffee. Whether you seek a cozy nook for reflection, a place to connect with fellow enthusiasts, or simply a delightful cup to savor, these coffee shops stand as beacons, inviting you to embrace the warmth and richness of Philippine coffee culture, one sip at a time.

So, let the steam rise, let the beans grind, and let the stories of these coffee sanctuaries linger on, for the journey through the top coffee shops in Philippines is not just a tour of flavors but a celebration of a nation’s love affair with the sacred elixir—coffee.