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Sumatra Robusta Grade 3/EK1 45 Defects

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Sumatra Robusta Grade 3/EK1 45 Defects

Sumatra Robusta Grade 3/EK1 45 Defects, encapsulates a distinctive profile within the world of coffee. Originating from the lush landscapes of Indonesia, this variety is renowned for its robust characteristics, unique flavors, and specific quality standards. The Sumatra Robusta – EK1 45 Defects are an essential aspect that defines the grading and quality of this coffee type, influencing its taste, aroma, and overall appeal.

Origin and Characteristics

Origin: Indonesia
Sumatra, one of the largest islands in Indonesia, is revered for its fertile soil, tropical climate, and ideal coffee-growing conditions. The Sumatra Robusta Grade 3/EK1 45 Defects beans thrive in this environment, absorbing the essence of the region’s earthy fragrance and bold flavors.

Screen Size: 13-19
The size of coffee beans is crucial in determining quality. The EK1 45 grade typically ranges between 13 to 19 in screen size, ensuring consistency in brewing and enhancing the overall coffee experience.

Moisture Content: Max 13%
Maintaining the ideal moisture content is vital for preserving the beans’ integrity and flavor. The specified maximum moisture content of 13% ensures the beans remain fresh and free from potential spoilage.

Defect Value: Understanding the Significance

The Defect Value, ranging from 26 to 45 as per the sample, plays a pivotal role in defining the quality of Sumatra Robusta Grade 3/EK1 45 Defects. Defects refer to imperfections found in coffee beans during the grading process, impacting their appearance and, consequently, their taste and aroma.

Defects can encompass various issues, including:

  1. Black Beans: Beans that have turned black due to over-fermentation or fungal infection.
  2. Sour or Fermented Beans: Beans that have undergone excessive fermentation, resulting in a sour taste.
  3. Moldy Beans: Beans affected by mold growth, affecting both taste and aroma.
  4. Insect Damage: Beans damaged by insects, altering their flavor profile.
  5. Unripe or Overripe Beans: Beans picked prematurely or past their prime, affecting taste and quality.

In the case of Sumatra Robusta Grade 3/EK1 45 Defects, the permissible range of defects, from 26 to 45, sets the standard for acceptable imperfections. However, meticulous processing and sorting ensure that despite these allowable defects, the overall quality remains high, maintaining the coffee’s rich, spicy flavor and full-bodied freshness.

Flavor and Aroma Profile

Fragrance/Aroma: Earthy
The unique terroir of Sumatra imparts an earthy aroma to these Robusta beans, characterized by notes reminiscent of the region’s fertile soil and tropical climate.

Flavor: Spicy, Hot
Sumatra Robusta EK1 45 delights the palate with a distinctive spicy and hot flavor profile. The robustness of the beans brings forth a boldness that sets it apart, offering a memorable and invigorating coffee experience.

Fresh Body: Full Body
The full-bodied freshness of Sumatra Robusta EK1 45 further enhances its appeal. With its robust nature and rich flavor, it delivers a satisfying cup that lingers on the palate.

Quality Assurance and Processing

To maintain the quality standards associated with Sumatra Robusta Grade 3/EK1 45 Defects, meticulous processes are employed. This includes careful harvesting, sorting, and processing techniques. Beans are meticulously examined to adhere to the specified defect value range, ensuring that the coffee maintains its characteristic aroma and flavor.


Sumatra Robusta Grade 3/EK1 45 Defects, with its unique characteristics and specified defect value range of 26-45, represents a distinct variety of coffee that captures the essence of Indonesia’s coffee culture. Despite permissible defects, the stringent quality control measures ensure that the coffee maintains its earthy aroma, spicy flavor, and full-bodied freshness. Embracing the complexities and nuances of its origin, this coffee variety continues to captivate coffee enthusiasts with its bold and invigorating profile, making it a standout choice in the world of specialty coffee.


Screen Size: 13-19
Moisture: Max 13%
Defect Value: 26-45 As per the sample
Origin: Indonesia
Fragrance/Aroma: Earthy
Flavor: Spicy, Hot
Fresh Body: Full Body