Sustainable and

Traceabilty Supply Chain

Building a Sustainable anda traceable Supply

Chain for an Environ Mentally Friendly Future

FnB Tech operates in a number of supply chains where social and environmental challenges exist. Poverty is often at the root of these issues. These supply chains include coffee,fruits,palm oil, rice, hazelnuts and fishery products.

We implement programmes as defined by our ten material areas, advocating and implementing international best practices. We also focus on Innovation and Technology, to help us get beyond incremental improvements and achieve our Purpose to re-imagine global agriculture and food systems.

We work with third-parties that assess and report our progress to achieve sustainable supply chains. We acknowledge there’s still much work to do, and we’re collaborating with farmers, communities, governments, industry, NGOS and other stakeholders, to find ways to deliver real and lasting progress.

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What Does The Coffee Supply Chain Look Like?

There’s a good chance your day started with a cappuccino, or a cold brew, and you aren’t alone. In fact, coffee is one of the most consumed drinks on the planet, and it’s also one of the most traded commodities..

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1. Growing

Plants take anywhere from 4-7 years to produce their first harvest, and grow fruit for around 25 years.

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2. Picking

The fruit of the coffee plant is the coffee berry, containing two beans within. Ripened berries are harvested either by hand or machine.

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3. Processing

Coffee berries are then processed either in a traditional "dry" method using the sun or "wet" method using water and machinery. This removes the outer fruit encasing the sought-after green beans.

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4. Milling

The green coffee beans are hulled, cleaned, sorted, and (optionally) graded.

From Factory to Transport

Once the coffee berry is stripped down to green beans, it’s shipped from producing countries through a global supply network.Green coffee beans are exported and shipped around the world. In 2018 alone, 7.2 million tonnes of green coffee beans were exported, valued at $19.2 billion.


5. Roasting

Green beans are industrially roasted, becoming darker, oilier, and tasty. Different temperatures and heat duration impact the final color and flavor, with some preferring light roasts to dark roasts.


6. Packaging

Any imperfect or somehow ruined beans are discarded, and the remaining roasted beans are packaged together by type.


7. Shipping

Roasted beans are shipped both domestically and internationally. Bulk shipments go to retailers, coffee shops, and in some cases, direct to consumer.

Freight Management

We deliver efficient, reliable, and tailored freight. We take pride in our comprehensive approach to freight management and operate a diverse fleet of leased freight assets or airfreight.

The fleet is strategically selected to cater to our captive volumes and third-party logistics needs.

Our proprietary trading capabilities extend to trading forward freight agreement derivatives.

These capabilities empower us to achieve optimal pricing and effective hedging of our physical trades.

Seafreight Shipping

Cargo delivery services with LCL and FCL type containers at affordable price that suit your needs


Less Container Load

Sea shipping service where containers are filled with a combination of goods from various shippers.


Full Container Load

Sea shipping service where the container is only filled with goods from one sender

1. Large Payload Capacity

2. More Efficient Cost

2. More Efficient Cost

We provide comprehensive shipping solutions through cargo ship services, offering a wide and reliable distribution network to deliver your goods to various destinations with high reliability, efficiency and core,

Airfreight Shipping

Package delivery services via ariplane throughout the world with fast time and affordable price


We specialize in delivering comprehensive shipping solutions through our cargo airplane services. Our focus is on providing swift, secure, and efficient transportation for your cargo worldwide

1. Speed of Delivery

2. More Efficient Cost

3. Reliability and Safety

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