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Lasuna Special

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Lasuna Special

Jutebage Lasuna Special

Lasuna Special Characteristics

Fragrance/Aroma: Fresh, Nutty
Flavour: Floral, Fresh Spicy, Dark Chocolate, Caramel
Acidity: Soft
Body: Strong but Soft and Mild


Screen Size: 15-19
Moisture: Max 13%
Triage: Max 6-8%
Defect Value: 6-8 (As per sample)

Description Scheme

Time from Flowers to Be Berry: 9 Months
Production (Kg/Ha): 800 to 1500
Optimal Temperature: 13 to 28°C
Optimal Rainfall: 100 to 3000 mm
Altitude: 1200 to 1700 from Sea Level (asl)
Soil Type: Black Soil /Soil Formed of Young Materials is very Fertile Volcanic and contains Micro Nutrients Important to Plants.
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Production Areas : Aceh (Takengon, Bener Meriah, Angkup, Sukarame, Bies, Jagung, Sabun, Pondokbaru) Caffeine Content: 0.8 to 1.4%
Form of Seeds: Flat with a Clear Midline
Character Stew: Acid & Chocolate
Method of Harvest: Mechanical and Hand Pick
Processing Method: Semi-wash Method

About Lasuna Special

I. Introduction

Lasuna Special is a one-of-a-kind coffee from the Toraja region of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This unique coffee is grown by local farmers who painstakingly process coffee cherries to create a genuinely remarkable cup of coffee.

Lasuna Special coffee is distinguished by its smooth and balanced flavor, with flavors of chocolate, caramel, and a tinge of citrus. The aroma is rich and inviting, with a somewhat earthy undertone contributing to the flavor profile.

Lasuna Special It has a moderate acidity, making it a good choice for individuals who prefer a softer coffee. The body is medium and silky, coating the tongue and leaving a lovely aftertaste. The manufacturing procedure of Lasuna Special Coffee is one of its most distinctive features.

Lasuna Special coffee has been gaining popularity among coffee lovers due to its distinct flavor profile and high-quality beans. We will delve into the origins and harvesting of Lasuna Special, explore the best ways to roast and brew this exceptional coffee, and provide recommendations on where to purchase it.

II. Origin and Harvesting

lasuna special

Hand harvesting ensures that only the ripest and most flavorful coffee beans are selected. The beans are next wet-hulled, which includes removing the outer peel of the coffee cherry and allowing the beans to dry briefly before removing the parchment covering.

The wet-hulling method helps the beans to develop a particular earthy flavor with a mild sweetness, which gives Lasuna Special its distinct flavor character. Furthermore, the coffee’s volcanic soil lends it a distinct flavor, with hints of dark chocolate, caramel, and spice.

III. How to Roast and Brew

To truly taste Lasuna Special’s unique characteristics, it is critical to roast and brew it correctly. A medium roast is recommended because it allows the coffee’s natural tastes to shine without being dominated by the roasting process. When brewing Lasuna Special, use a French press or pour-over method to fully allow the coffee to bloom and acquire its distinct flavor character.

To avoid over-extraction and bitterness while brewing Lasuna Special, use water that is between 195-205°F and brew for no more than 4 minutes. The end result is a rich, full-bodied coffee with balanced acidity and a smooth finish.

IV. Where to Buy

Buy Lasuna Special green coffee beans from FnB Coffee in large numbers or Indonesia Specialty Coffee in lesser amounts to experience the fantastic quality. To guarantee freshness and authenticity, we source directly from the the region, giving you the best coffee beans.