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ELB Green Dino

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ELB Green Dino

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ELB Green Dino

ELB Green Dino Characteristics

Fragrance/Aroma: Nutty, tobacco, earthy
Flavor: Nutty Roaster, Smokey
Acidity: Low
Body: Low to Medium


Screen Size: 13-19
Moisture: Max 13%
Defect Value: 151-225 (As per sample)

Description Scheme

Time from Flowers to Be Berry: 9 Months
Production (Kg/Ha): 800 to 1500
Optimal Temperature: 13 to 28°C
Optimal Rainfall: 100 to 3000 mm
Altitude: 1100 to 1500 from Sea Level (asl)
Soil Type: Black Soil /Soil Formed of Young Materials is very Fertile, Volcanic, and contains Micro Nutrients Important to Plants.
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Production Areas : Aceh (Takengon, Bener Meriah, Angkup, Sukarame, Bies, Jagung, Sabun, Pondok baru)
Caffeine Content: 0.8 to 1.4%
Form of Seeds: Flat with a Clear Midline
Character Stew: Acid & Chocolate
Method of Harvest: Mechanical and Hand Pick
Processing Method: Semi-wash Method

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About ELB Green Dino

I. Introduction

A rare and exotic coffee variety from Lampung, the El Badoe region of Sumatra, is called ELB Green Dino. This unusual coffee has a taste profile of tropical fruits, crisp acidity and a smooth finish. ELB Green Dino has recently gained popularity among coffee lovers and is now highly sought after due to its unique taste and limited availability.

II. Origin and Harvesting

Lampung Coffee

The unique microclimate of the El Badoe region offers the best growing conditions for the ELB Green Dino coffee variety. Avocado and durian trees shade the coffee plants which are produced at an altitude of 1,200–1,400 meters above sea level.

ELB Green Dino is harvested by hand ensuring that only the ripest cherries are selected for processing. Wet-hulling, a complete procedure in Indonesia, processes the beans carefully, giving the final product a distinctive taste.

III. How to Roast and Brew

A delicate balance is needed to highlight the distinctive flavor profile of ELB Green Dino coffee during roasting. A light to medium roast is advised to maintain the coffee’s fruity undertones and fresh acidity. Pour-over or French press brewing techniques are recommended for optimal flavor development. Before serving, the coffee should steep for 3 – 4 minutes at a temperature between 195-205 °F. Although a bit of cream or sugar can be added if desired, it is advised to sip the coffee unsweetened to enjoy its distinct flavor thoroughly.

IV. Where to Buy

Buy ELB Green Dino green coffee beans from FnB Coffee in large numbers or Indonesia Specialty Coffee in lesser amounts to experience the fantastic quality. To guarantee freshness and authenticity, we source directly from the the region, giving you the best coffee beans.