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Bali Natural

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Green Bean :

$ 18,100/MT

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Bali Natural

Bali Natural Characteristics

Fragrance/Aroma: Citrus
Flavor: Hints of Citric and Chocolate
Acidity: Medium
Body: Strong


Screen Size: 15-19
Moisture: Max 13%
Triage: 8-10%
Defect Value: Max 11

Description Scheme

Time from Flowers to Be Berry: 9 Months
Production (Kg/Ha): 800 to 1500
Optimal Temperature: 13 to 28°C
Optimal Rainfall: 100 to 3000 mm
Altitude: 1200 to 1700 from Sea Level (asl)
Soil Type: Fertile volcanic soil
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Production Areas: Ulian Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali Province.
Caffeine Content: 0.8 to 1.4%
Form of Seeds: Flat with a Clear Midline
Character Stew: Acid & Chocolate
Method of Harvest: Natural
Processing Method: Fully Washed (smallholders)

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About Bali Natural

I. Introduction

Bali is an Indonesian island recognized for its magnificent natural beauty and colorful culture. But did you know that Bali is also home to some of the world’s most exquisite and distinctive coffees? Bali natural coffee is one specialty coffee that is gaining appeal among coffee lovers worldwide.

Bali natural coffee is created from coffee beans farmed and processed in a unique technique known as “natural processing.” Natural processing, as opposed to other procedures that include washing or fermenting the coffee beans, involves drying the coffee cherries with the beans still within. This permits the beans to absorb part of the cherry’s sweetness and fruitiness, producing a coffee with a distinct and complex flavor profile.

The rich and delicious aroma of Bali’s natural coffee is one of its distinguishing features. This is due to the natural processing method allowing the beans to absorb the cherry’s natural flavors. Bali natural coffee has a medium body and a smooth, somewhat sweet flavor, with tropical fruit and chocolate undertones when brewed.

II. Origin and Harvesting

bali natural

Bali Natural Coffee is grown in the volcanic soil of Bali’s Kintamani mountains. This region’s high heights and abundant rainfall provide ideal coffee-growing conditions. The coffee trees are grown organically and sustainably, which helps to conserve the natural environment while also ensuring the quality of the coffee.

The coffee cherries are picked by hand and dried in a sun-dried. This method allows the cherries to dry naturally, creating a distinct flavor profile. Coffee cherries are often turned over during drying to achieve even drying and avoid mold formation.

III. How to Roast and Brew

When roasting Bali Natural Coffee, a light to medium roast is recommended to bring out the coffee’s natural sweetness and acidity. A milder roast brings out the beans’ vibrant and fruity flavor and undertones of chocolate and almonds.

You can use a French press, pour-over, or any other technique to brew Bali Natural Coffee. Use a coarse grind for a French press and steep the coffee for 4-5 minutes. Use a medium grind for a pour-over and follow the instructions for your specific pour-over device. Whatever method you use, the result should be a smooth, balanced cup of coffee with a bright, fruity flavor.

IV. Where to Buy

Buy Bali Natural green coffee beans from FnB Coffee in large numbers or Indonesia Specialty Coffee in lesser amounts to experience the fantastic quality. To guarantee freshness and authenticity, we source directly from the the region, giving you the best coffee beans.