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Golden Mandheling Coffee

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Golden Mandheling Coffee

Characteristics Arabica Golden Mandheling Coffee

Fragrance/Aroma: Rich and enticing aroma. It often exhibits a combination of earthy, herbal, and nutty notes. You may also detect hints of dark chocolate, spices, and sometimes floral undertones.
Flavor: Dark chocolate, cedar, tobacco, and sometimes a slight sweetness.
Acidity: Low acidity.
Body: Full-bodied.


Screen Size: 16 – 18.
Moisture Content: 10% to 12%.
Triage: 8-10%
Defect Value: The defect value for Golden Mandheling Arabica coffee is usually quite low, often falling below 5%. This indicates that the coffee has been carefully processed and sorted to maintain a high-quality standard.

Description Scheme

Time from Flowers to Berry: On average, it takes around 9 to 11 months
Production (Kg/Ha): The specific production yield can vary based on various factors, including agricultural practices, farming techniques, and the overall health and productivity of the coffee plants.
Optimal Temperature: 18°C to 24°C (64°F to 75°F).
Optimal Rainfall: 1,500 to 3,000 millimeters per year.
Altitude: 800 to 1,500 meters (2,600 to 4,900 feet) above sea level.
Soil Type: Well-drained and fertile soils. They are commonly grown in volcanic soils rich in organic matter.
Country of Origin: It is specifically grown in the Mandheling region of West Sumatra, renowned for producing high-quality Arabica coffee.
Production Areas: Located in the Mandheling region of West Sumatra, Indonesia.
Caffeine Content: Generally contains moderate caffeine.
Form of Seeds: The seeds are typically elongated and flat, commonly known as coffee beans.
Character Stew: Full-bodied and earthy taste. It often exhibits notes of dark chocolate, herbs, and sometimes a hint of sweetness.
Method of Harvest: Typically harvested by hand.
Processing Method: Common processing methods include wet processing (washed) or semi-washed (pulped natural) methods.

I. About Arabica Golden Mandheling

Golden Mandheling Coffee is a sought-after variety from the highlands of Sumatra, Indonesia. This coffee is known for its rich and nuanced flavor profile, with notes of dark chocolate, earthy tones, and subtle sweetness. This coffee is grown in the highlands and processed using traditional methods, giving it a low-acid experience. Golden Mandheling Coffee is a drink worth trying for coffee lovers looking for something extraordinary. In this article, we’ll explore the exciting benefits, captivating taste profile, and recommended brewing techniques of Golden Mandheling coffee. As one of the best dishes in Sumatra, this unique coffee variety has gained popularity among coffee lovers worldwide.

II. Origin and Harvesting

golden mandheling coffee

The journey of Golden Mandheling coffee begins with its meticulous harvesting process. Skilled coffee farmers carefully select only the ripest coffee cherries, ensuring optimal flavor development. Handpicking is the preferred method, allowing the farmers to assess the ripeness of each cherry individually. This attention to detail guarantees that only the finest cherries are chosen for further processing.

After harvesting, the coffee cherries undergo a series of processing methods. One common method used for Golden Mandheling coffee is the wet processing or washed method. In this process, the outer skin and pulp are removed from the cherries, and the beans are then fermented to eliminate any remaining fruit residues. After fermentation, the coffee beans are washed and dried to the desired moisture level. This process results in a clean and bright flavor profile, accentuating the natural characteristics of the coffee.

Another processing method utilized for Golden Mandheling coffee is the semi-washed or pulped natural method. With this approach, the outer skin is removed from the cherries, but the beans are not fully washed or fermented. Instead, they are dried with the remaining sticky mucilage intact. This processing method contributes to a unique flavor profile, combining the sweetness of natural processing with the cleanliness of washed processing.

III. Roasting Golden Mandheling Coffee

Roasting plays a crucial role in unlocking the full potential of Golden Mandheling coffee’s flavor. The roasting process transforms the green coffee beans into aromatic, flavorful delights ready for brewing. Roasters carefully monitor temperature and time to achieve the desired roast level that brings out the unique qualities of this coffee.

When roasting Golden Mandheling coffee, it is essential to strike a balance between preserving its inherent characteristics and developing desirable flavors. A medium to dark roast is commonly preferred for this coffee, as it brings out the richness, earthiness, and chocolate undertones that define Golden Mandheling’s flavor profile. The roasting process accentuates the coffee’s body and reduces its acidity, resulting in a smooth and satisfying cup.

IV. Where to Buy

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