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8 Tips for How to Roast Robusta coffee properly

As we know, Roast Robusta coffee has a very strong taste and unique characteristics, that’s why Robusta coffee has been chosen as the best coffee at the moment. This time we will discuss the coffee roasting process to create the robusta coffee taste. And this is the purpose of the following article so that we can understand how to properly roast coffee.

Roasting Robusta coffee beans is a crucial step in bringing out their unique flavors and characteristics. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to roast Robusta coffee beans

tips for how to roast Robusta coffee properly

1.Choose the right and quality coffee beans

So, before we start roast robusta coffee, we also have to choose the correct and high quality robusta coffee beans
Its characteristics are that it is dark green and free from damage

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2. Use the correct roasting method

There are several roasting methods that can be used, namely:

a. Roast robusta coffee in the oven

First we do this, namely placing the coffee beans on an empty and clean baking sheet
and turn on the oven at a certain temperature

b. grilling in a frying pan

for frying pans, we must use a frying pan that is clean and doesn’t stick easily
then stir the coffee in the pan

c. use a direct machine

not everyone can do this, but if you have a coffee maker
You can try it yourself and follow the machine instructions correctly.

3.Then heat it to a certain temperature

This is the initial stage, where the coffee receives heat to make it more stable and make the color very accurate

4.Bake for the right time

Roast Robusta coffee beans for a few minutes. However, the appropriate time given/used depends on the method itself
which you choose for your taste preferences. While roasting, don’t leave the roast Robusta coffee beans alone, look at the color when they are ready.
turns dark brown and you can smell the aroma of the roasting process, so take the coffee beans

5.Always monitor the grilling process

As I said earlier, we cannot leave out these robusta coffee beans. So that it bakes evenly
and does not burn or burn

6.Cool the robusta coffee beans

Then if you have got the right grill level. let the coffee beans rest for a minute. Just let the seeds rest, so that CO2 gas is formed while the food is running.

7.Discard or remove the coffee skin

If robusta coffee still has an outer husk surrounding the beans, peel it and keep the husk away from the coffee to make it cleaner

8.Store coffee beans properly

If the roasting method has been carried out correctly, store the coffee beans in a clean and airtight jar/container, the most important thing is that it is dry and not damp so that it can maintain the freshness of the coffee beans.

These are the steps for roasting Robusta coffee correctly and perfectly. The above process requires something called practice.
There is no perfect instant because all roasting tips depend on the tools available at home, or at the location
you want to make it, but using the method described above to produce high quality coffee.

Remember, roasting coffee is as much an art as it is a science. It may take a few tries to find the perfect roast level that suits your taste preferences. Experiment with different roast times and temperatures until you discover the flavor profile you enjoy the most. Happy roasting!