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Wild Civet Coffee: 5 Hidden Facts You Might Not Know

Wild Civet Coffee

What is Wild Civet Coffee?

Wild Civet Coffee, commonly known as Kopi Luwak, is a rare and valuable variety of coffee created by an unusual and natural method utilizing civet cats. These small, nocturnal mammals are endemic to a number of countries, including Indonesia, where coffee has grown in popularity.

Civets start the process by eating ripe coffee cherries from coffee plants. As the cherries transit through the civet’s digestive tract, enzymes in their digestive system ferment them. The outer layers of the cherry are digested during this process, while the beans inside stay relatively intact. The beans are gathered, washed, and then processed for roasting and brewing once they have been expelled.

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The fermentation that occurs within the civet’s digestive system is thought to contribute to the peculiar aromas of the coffee beans. As a result, the coffee has less acidity and bitterness, as well as particular aromatic properties that have been described as earthy, smooth, and even chocolatey.

Wild Civet Coffee is well-known for its scarcity and excellent flavor characteristics. However, it is vital to highlight that while contemplating this sort of coffee, ethical and sustainable sourcing techniques are necessary. Concerns concerning animal welfare have been raised as a result of unethical techniques such as putting civets in cages or force-feeding their cherries. Responsible growers put civets and the environment first, enabling them to roam freely and spontaneously select the cherries they eat.

Facts About Wild Civet Coffee

wild civet coffee

Kopi Luwak was originally a commoner’s coffee

Luwak coffee has existed since the Dutch colonial era. The Dutch colonialists prohibited coffee plantation laborers from processing coffee from coffee trees at the time. Because of the ban, coffee plantation workers, who are also commoners, are forced to pick up coffee beans left over from the disposal of Luwak that are dispersed over the farm in order to manufacture coffee drinks. When the Dutch discovered that coffee beans made from Luwak dung tasted excellent, they began collecting civet coffee beans and even selling them as premium coffee.

Indonesia is a country with the highest level of Luwak coffee production

Luwak coffee is currently produced in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. We can feel proud because it turns out that Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of Luwak coffee. In Indonesia, the annual production of luwak coffee is 200 kg.

Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world

Civet coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world today due to its uniqueness and limited production. This statistic is even listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. In America, a pound of Luwak coffee can cost up to ten million dollars. Even more extraordinary prices can be found in the United Kingdom, where a cup of civet coffee can cost up to £70, or the equivalent of one million rupiah, at the newest DSTRKT location in Picadilly, London.

Luwak coffee production level is very small

Because Luwak coffee production is heavily reliant on the coffee beans that the civet consumes, production is extremely limited. According to current data, global Luwak coffee production does not even approach 1 ton per year, and it is expected that it will only reach 500 kg per year.

Kopi Luwak is halal for drinking and trading

The MUI has issued a fatwa indicating that Kopi Luwak is halal to consume and trade as long as the civet coffee beans are washed before being processed into coffee beans or ready-to-eat coffee powder.

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Different Types of Wild Civet Coffee

Green Beans Coffee

coffee luwak

Green Beans Wild Civet Coffee offers an unadulterated journey into the essence of Kopi Luwak, capturing the pure and untamed flavors that have made this coffee a global sensation. With a commitment to ethical sourcing and responsible production, our Green Beans Wild Civet Coffee delivers a cup of exceptional quality and authenticity.


  • Coffee Origin: Sourced from the lush coffee-growing regions of Indonesia, where wild civets roam freely and select only the finest cherries to consume.
  • Processing Method: After the civets ingest the ripe coffee cherries, the beans undergo a natural fermentation process within the civet’s digestive system. Once excreted, the beans are meticulously collected, cleaned, and prepared for roasting.
  • Flavor Profile: Green Beans Wild Civet Coffee offers a truly unique taste experience. The beans’ journey through the civet’s digestive tract imparts a remarkably smooth and less acidic character, complemented by earthy undertones and subtle hints of chocolate and fruit.
  • Aroma: The coffee exudes an inviting aroma that blends the earthiness of the wild with delicate floral notes, promising an aromatic adventure with every brew.
  • Roast Level: The green beans are intentionally left unroasted, preserving their raw and unaltered state. This allows you to experience the unfiltered essence of Kopi Luwak, showcasing the effects of the civet’s digestive alchemy on the beans.
  • Packaging: Our Green Beans Wild Civet Coffee is carefully packaged to ensure freshness upon delivery. The packaging also reflects our commitment to sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly materials whenever possible.
  • Ethical Sourcing: We prioritize ethical and sustainable sourcing practices, ensuring the well-being of civets and the preservation of their natural habitat. By choosing Green Beans Wild Civet Coffee, you’re supporting responsible coffee production.

Roasted Coffee

Roasted Coffee Luwak

Experience the epitome of coffee luxury with our Roasted Wild Civet Coffee. Meticulously crafted to showcase the unique flavors born from the symbiotic relationship between wild civets and coffee cherries, this blend offers a rich and aromatic journey that encapsulates the essence of Kopi Luwak. Elevate your coffee ritual with the finest Roasted Wild Civet Coffee, a true testament to nature’s artistry and human expertise.


  • Coffee Origin: Our Roasted Wild Civet Coffee is sourced from regions renowned for their thriving biodiversity, where wild civets roam freely. By selecting only the ripest coffee cherries, these creatures contribute to the exceptional quality and distinctiveness of each batch.
  • Processing Method: The journey begins with civets consuming coffee cherries and initiating a transformative fermentation process within their digestive systems. Once the cherries’ outer layers are digested, the beans are collected, meticulously cleaned, and then skillfully roasted to bring out their fullest flavor potential.
  • Roast Profile: Our artisanal roasting process is tailored to enhance the flavors developed during the civet’s digestive alchemy. The medium-dark roast yields a coffee with a velvety body, balanced acidity, and enchanting notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and a subtle hint of tropical fruit.
  • Aroma: As you prepare your cup, the enticing aroma of our Roasted Wild Civet Coffee fills the air, inviting you to savor the harmonious blend of earthy tones and delicate floral fragrances.
  • Grind Level: To suit various brewing preferences, our Roasted Wild Civet Coffee is available in a range of grind sizes, from fine for espresso enthusiasts to medium-coarse for those who prefer pour-over or French press methods.
  • Packaging: We take pride in preserving the freshness and flavor of our coffee. Our packaging is designed to shield the beans from light and air, maintaining their exquisite taste until they reach your cup.
  • Ethical Commitment: Our dedication to ethical practices extends to the treatment of civets and the preservation of their natural habitats. By choosing Roasted Wild Civet Coffee, you actively support ethical sourcing and responsible coffee production.

Ground Coffee

Ground Coffee

Indulge in the refined flavors of Kopi Luwak like never before with our meticulously crafted Ground Wild Civet Coffee. This exceptional blend offers a convenient and accessible way to experience the unique taste that has made Kopi Luwak a renowned delicacy. Sourced responsibly and crafted with care, each cup of Ground Wild Civet Coffee promises an exquisite journey of flavors.


  • Coffee Origin: Our Ground Wild Civet Coffee is sourced from coffee-growing regions known for its vibrant ecosystems and diverse wildlife. We are committed to preserving the habitats of wild civets and supporting local communities.
  • Processing Method: After wild civets consume ripe coffee cherries, the beans undergo a natural fermentation process in their digestive systems. The beans are then collected, cleaned, and expertly roasted to perfection before being ground to a consistent particle size.
  • Flavor Profile: Ground Wild Civet Coffee boasts a distinct flavor profile characterized by its smoothness and reduced acidity. The digestive alchemy of the civets imparts a refined taste with subtle notes of caramel, chocolate, and a hint of fruit, creating a harmonious and well-balanced cup.
  • Aroma: As you prepare your cup, the aroma of our Ground Wild Civet Coffee envelops your senses with an enticing blend of earthiness and delicate floral undertones, promising a sensory journey with every sip.
  • Grind Size: Our coffee is finely ground to ensure an even extraction and optimal flavor release during brewing. The consistent grind allows for versatile brewing methods, from espresso to pour-over.
  • Packaging: The Ground Wild Civet Coffee is thoughtfully packaged to preserve its freshness and flavor. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging, which is designed with eco-friendly materials whenever possible.
  • Ethical Sourcing: We place a strong emphasis on ethical sourcing, ensuring that the civets involved in the coffee production process are treated with care and respect. By choosing Ground Wild Civet Coffee, you contribute to sustainable practices and support responsible coffee production.

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Where to Buy Wild Civet Coffee

Discover a trusted source for authentic Wild Civet Coffee at FandB Tech Indonesia. Learn how their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing aligns with your quest for an exquisite and responsible coffee indulgence.


Kopi Luwak isn’t just a beverage; it’s a tapestry woven with cultural, ethical, and sensory threads. By peeling back the layers and uncovering their hidden facts, you’re invited to savor every sip with newfound appreciation while making an informed choice that resonates with your values.