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Java Ijen Grade 1

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Java Ijen Grade 1

SKU AJIG1 Category Tag

Jutebage Java Ijen Grade 1

Java Ijen Grade 1 Characteristics

Fragrance/Aroma: Fresh Flower
Flavour: Light Bitter Hints and Chocolate
Acidity: Medium to High
Body: Medium


Screen Size: 15-19
Moisture: Max 13%
Triage: 8-10%
Defect Value: Max 11

Description Scheme

Time from Flowers to Be Berry: 9 Months
Production (Kg/Ha): 800 to 1500
Optimal Temperature: 13 to 28°C
Optimal Rainfall: 100 to 3000 mm
Altitude: 1200 to 1700 from Sea Level (asl)
Soil Type: Unfertile to Fertile volcanic soil
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Production Areas: Tana Toraja Highland, South Sulawesi
Caffeine Content: 0.8 to 1.4%
Form of Seeds: Flat with a Clear Midline
Character Stew: Acid & Chocolate
Method of Harvest: Mechanical and Hand Pick
Processing Method: Wet Hulling Washed Arabica (smallholders)

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About Java Ijen Grade 1

I. Introduction

A rare and popular coffee variety called Java Ijen is grown in the highlands of East Java, Indonesia. High-quality coffee beans with a particular flavor and aroma may be developed in the area due to their volcanic soil and pleasant environment. The Ijen volcano, a prominent feature in the area known for its stunning blue flames and turquoise sulfuric lake, is the inspiration for the name of the coffee.

The unique flavor profile of Java Ijen coffee, which includes notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and a faint citrus and flowery undertone, has made it popular among coffee connoisseurs. The beans are expertly hand-picked before being thoroughly cleaned and sun-dried.

Due to its restricted supply, Java Ijen has grown in popularity, with coffee enthusiasts worldwide wanting to experience this distinctive and exotic coffee. Today, coffee fans worldwide enjoy Java Ijen coffee, which is regarded as one of Indonesia’s best specialty coffees.

II. Origin and Harvesting

Java Ijen Coffee

The Ijen Plateau, located on the eastern side of the Indonesian island of Java, is where Java Ijen coffee is farmed. The region’s unique microclimate is perfect for growing coffee because of its volcanic soil and moderate temps. The coffee plants grow slowly and generate complex flavors in the coffee cherries since they are raised at altitudes between 1,200 and 1,500 meters above sea level.

Proses Harvesting only the ripest cherries are chosen for processing after the beans are manually collected, guaranteeing that only the best beans are used in the final product.

III. How to Roast and Brew

To completely highlight the coffee’s distinctive flavor characteristics, Java Ijen coffee beans are best roasted at a medium roast level. The coffee’s low acidity is maintained by the medium roast degree, which also brings out the flavors of chocolate, caramel, and lemon. The beans can be roasted and then brewed in a variety of ways, including drip, French press, and pour-over. A medium-fine grind is advised for the best flavor and extraction.

It’s crucial to pay attention to the water’s temperature and brewing duration when making Java Ijen coffee. For the best extraction, the coffee should be steeped for 3–4 minutes at a temperature of 195–205°F. Any coffee enthusiast will be impressed by the smooth, full-bodied, and complex flavor profile of the finished cup of Java Ijen coffee.

IV. Where to Buy

Buy Java Ijen green coffee beans from FnB Coffee in large numbers or Indonesia Specialty Coffee in lesser amounts to experience the fantastic quality. To guarantee freshness and authenticity, we source directly from the the region, giving you the best coffee beans.