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The Top 20 Coffee Shops in Indonesia (Jakarta)

Jakarta, the bustling capital city of Indonesia, is home to a vibrant coffee culture that has witnessed the rise of numerous cafes, each with its unique charm and offerings. Navigating through the myriad of choices can be overwhelming, but fear not! This comprehensive guide introduces you to the 20 best coffee shops in Indonesia (Jakarta), each with its distinct atmosphere and signature brews.

1. Coffee Shops in Indonesia: Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers

Located in both Pluit and Kuningan, Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers stands out with its chic ambiance and a touch of pink aesthetics. The coffee shop is a haven for enthusiasts, offering a variety of brews. Don’t miss the opportunity to try their hot pink latte, a delightful blend of beetroot and aromatic herbs like cinnamon.

Special Drink: Hot Pink Latte

  • A vibrant and visually striking beverage, the Hot Pink Latte is a signature creation at Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers. This unique concoction features a blend of beetroot and several aromatic herbs, including cinnamon. Served in a soft pink cup, it not only captivates the eyes but also offers a delightful and memorable flavor experience.

2. One Fifteenth (1/15) Coffee

Founded by the 2013 Indonesia Barista Championship winner, Dody Samsura, One Fifteenth Coffee is a haven for those seeking uncommon and intriguing coffee experiences. The signature Rojali, a 12-hour pressed coffee mixed with soda and lime juice, is a must-try. With locations in Pondok Indah, Menteng, and Kemang, you’ll find it hard to resist staying for hours.

Special Drink: Rojali

  • A masterpiece from the winner of the Indonesia Barista Championship 2013, Dody Samsura, Rojali is a 12-hour pressed coffee mixed with soda and lime juice. Initially resembling the familiarity of tequila, this beverage unfolds into a complex and refreshing flavor profile, making it a must-try for those seeking a unique coffee adventure.

3. Twentyfifth

Situated in Kebayoran Baru, Twentyfifth welcomes patrons with its spacious and homey ambiance. The ice-cold brew, light as tea but with a strong, scented aroma, is a highlight. Indulge your taste buds with their soft durian cake, a delectable treat for fans of the king of fruits.

Special Drink: Ice Cold Brew

  • Embracing the trend of cold brews, Twentyfifth presents a visually light yet strongly aromatic Ice Cold Brew. Resembling tea in appearance, this cold brew surprises with its robust flavor and scented aroma. It’s the perfect choice for those who appreciate a cold coffee with a distinct and invigorating character.

Special Dessert: Soft Durian Cake

  • For durian lovers, Twentyfifth offers a treat like no other – the Soft Durian Cake. Made from the luscious flesh of the king of fruits, this dessert is a tantalizing blend of sweetness and the unique aroma of durian.

4. Brew & Wood

Cilandak is home to Brew & Wood, a coffee shop boasting a calm ambiance behind transparent glass walls. Kopi Susu Turunan, packaged in a practical bottle, offers a strong yet creamy taste. Don’t miss the Cheese Fondue Croissant, a perfect combination of soft texture and melted cheese.

Special Drink: Kopi Susu Turunan

  • Brew and Wood presents Kopi Susu Turunan, a strong yet creamy coffee packaged in a practical and easy-to-carry bottle. This delightful brew is a perfect companion for those on the go, offering a rich coffee experience with a creamy texture.

Special Snack: Cheese Fondue Croissant

  • Indulge your taste buds with the Cheese Fondue Croissant, a delectable choice at Brew and Wood. The soft texture of the croissant combined with the savory melted cheese creates a satisfying and savory treat.

5. Samakamu

In Karet Kuningan, Samakamu Coffee introduces the trend of iced coffee milk in Jakarta. Es Kopi Samakamu, with its strong coffee taste and milky texture, stands out. The iced chocolate, balancing bitterness and sweetness, is another delightful option.

Special Drink: Es Kopi Samakamu

  • In the realm of iced coffee milk trends, Samakamu introduces the Es Kopi Samakamu, offering a strong coffee taste despite its milky texture. Even as the ice cubes melt, the beverage maintains its robust and creamy profile, making it a refreshing and flavorful choice.

Alternate Drink: Iced Chocolate

  • Samakamu Coffee caters to chocolate enthusiasts with its balanced Iced Chocolate. Striking a perfect harmony between bitterness and sweetness, this beverage is a delightful option for those seeking a chocolate-infused treat.

6. Bersahaja

Nestled in Kebayoran Lama, Bersahaja Coffee shines with its Es Kopi Bersahaja, an iced coffee milk featuring sweetened condensed milk instead of brown sugar. Embrace simplicity with a takeaway cup bearing the quote “Don’t be too busy looking for the perfect if the simple thing can make you happy.”

Special Drink: Es Kopi Bersahaja

  • Bersahaja Coffee stands out with its signature Es Kopi Bersahaja, an iced coffee milk that sets itself apart by using sweetened condensed milk instead of brown sugar. Reminiscent of Thai iced coffee milk, this beverage offers a unique twist on a classic favorite.

Quote on Cup: “Don’t be too busy looking for the perfect if the simple thing can make you happy.”

  • For those who appreciate simplicity, Bersahaja adds a touch of wisdom with a quote on their takeaway cups, encouraging patrons to find happiness in life’s simple pleasures.

7. Turning Point

Though located in Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Turning Point Coffee is a gem worth the journey. The Butterscotch Frappuccino, blending espresso and butterscotch syrup with vanilla ice cream, is a crowd-pleaser. Try their pandan latte for a creamy, fragrant, and tasty experience.

Special Drink: Butterscotch Frappuccino

  • Despite its location in Gading Serpong, Turning Point Coffee attracts coffee enthusiasts with its Butterscotch Frappuccino. Blending espresso and butterscotch syrup with vanilla ice cream, this beverage is a delightful combination of sweetness and coffee richness.

Alternative Drink: Pandan Latte

  • Turning Point Coffee expands its offerings with the Pandan Latte, a creamy, fragrant, and tasty beverage that introduces the unique and aromatic flavor of pandan to the coffee experience.

8. Lima

Pantai Indah Kapuk hosts Lima, a seemingly ordinary exterior concealing extraordinary flavors. The Charcoal Coffee, with its earthy and not-too-sweet profile, and the iced coffee milk with butterscotch ice cream create a heavenly blend.

Special Drink: Charcoal Coffee

  • Lima’s fame lies in its Charcoal Coffee, an extraordinary brew with an earthy and not-too-sweet taste. The unique savor of charcoal adds depth to the coffee, creating an exceptional and memorable flavor profile.

Alternative Drink: Iced Coffee Milk with Butterscotch Ice Cream and Palm Sugar

  • Lima also delights patrons with its Iced Coffee Milk, featuring a strong coffee taste. When combined with the provided butterscotch ice cream and palm sugar, the creamier texture elevates the overall experience, making it a heavenly choice.


Boasting a super homey ambiance, SRSLY in an inviting space with contemporary design and artistic touches. Their diverse coffee and food menu, coupled with refreshing greenery, ensures a cozy retreat for coffee lovers.

Special Drink: Various Coffee Options

  • SRSLY Coffee, with its super homey ambiance, offers a diverse selection of coffee options. From classic brews to unique blends, patrons can choose a coffee that suits their preferences and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of the café.

10. Serasa

Serasa Coffeetaria in Senopati offers a unique concept, combining a cool canteen with a must-visit coffee shop. After indulging in Indonesian dishes, explore their coffee menu, featuring lattes, brewed coffee, and the Es Kopi Pelipur Lara to uplift your spirits.

Special Drink: Es Kopi Pelipur Lara

  • Serasa Coffeetaria combines a cool canteen concept with a range of delicious coffee options. The Es Kopi Pelipur Lara, meaning “iced coffee to get your sadness away,” is a catchy name for a beverage designed to uplift spirits with its flavorful and invigorating taste.

11. On Three

Situated in Senopati Suites, On Three beckons adventurous coffee lovers. With unique coffee blends like coconut, black pepper, and black sesame, their Spicy Pepper Latte is a standout choice. Pair it with tempting snacks like Chicken Katsu Donburi or Spaghetti Bolognese.

Special Drink: Spicy Pepper Latte

  • On Three, located at Senopati Suites, encourages coffee lovers to explore unique blends. The Spicy Pepper Latte is a standout choice, offering a blend of coffee with the surprising addition of black pepper, creating a spicy yet delightful flavor.

Recommended Snack: Chicken Katsu Donburi or Spaghetti Bolognese

  • Enhance your coffee experience at On Three by pairing your unique coffee choice with appetizing snacks like Chicken Katsu Donburi or Spaghetti Bolognese.

12. Chief Coffee & Roastery

Adjacent to a barber shop of the same name, Chief Coffee and Roastery is the perfect hangout spot. The strong coffee choices are ideal for those looking to stay energized, making it a popular choice for all-day gatherings.

Special Drink: Strong Coffee Options

  • Chief Coffee and Roastery, conveniently located adjacent to a barber shop, caters to those who prefer strong coffee options. Ideal for those who want to stay energized throughout the day, the coffee selections at Chief are designed for endurance.

13. Ardent

In Puri Indah, Ardent Coffee combines concrete shades with pleasant selfie spots. Honey Milk Espresso and truffle fries fried in truffle oil and topped with parmesan cheese are among the delights that make this café a favorite.

Special Drink: Honey Milk Espresso

  • Ardent Coffee, with its concrete shades and pleasant selfie spots, serves the Honey Milk Espresso. This delightful beverage balances sweetness and a hint of sourness, providing a unique and enjoyable coffee experience.

Signature Snack: Truffle Fries

  • Complement your coffee with Ardent’s truffle fries, fried to perfection in truffle oil and topped with parmesan cheese. The crunchy and tasty fries add a savory element to your visit.

14. Three Folks

Located in Cilandak, Three Folks captures the hearts of Jakarta’s coffee enthusiasts. Signature drinks like Gray Latte, Folksgato, and FolksBomb offer diverse flavors and textures, providing a delightful coffee experience.

Special Drink: Gray Latte

  • Located in Cilandak, Three Folks offers a wide variety of coffee choices. The Gray Latte, with its milk tea-like taste, stands out as a unique and flavorful option for those looking to explore diverse coffee experiences.

Signature Drinks: Folksgato and Folksbomb

  • Don’t miss Three Folks’ signature drinks – Folksgato, an affogato with an ice cream flavor of your choice, and Folksbomb, a delicious milkshake with coffee. These drinks showcase the café’s commitment to providing delightful and inventive beverages.

15. Say Something Coffee

Ideal for studying or working, Say Something Coffee in its modern minimalist setting with a jazzy hip-hop soundtrack and fast Wi-Fi creates the perfect productive atmosphere. Try their well-filtered espresso and don’t miss the tasty Salted Egg Croissant.

Special Drink: Well-Filtered Espresso

  • Say Something Coffee is the perfect spot for studying or working, offering a modern minimalist interior, jazzy hip-hop songs, and fast Wi-Fi. The well-filtered espresso provides a smooth, earthy flavor with a hint of bitterness and no sour aftertaste.

Recommended Snack: Salted Egg Croissant

  • Elevate your coffee experience with the Salted Egg Croissant, a tasty treat that perfectly complements the smooth espresso. The combination of flavors adds a delightful touch to your visit.

16. Pikul Coffee

Pikul Coffee, a cozy spot with extensive glass walls in Senopati, is the perfect place to wait out Jakarta’s busy traffic. Enjoy their unique ice cappuccino and shareable Quesadillas Beef while soaking in the comforting ambiance.

Special Drink: Unique Ice Cappuccino

  • Pikul Coffee, with its cozy ambiance and extensive glass walls, offers a unique ice cappuccino. Served in a large-sized glass with blended vanilla ice cream, this beverage is a refreshing and indulgent choice for those looking to unwind.

Recommended Dish: Quesadillas Beef

  • Shareable and delicious, the Quesadillas Beef at Pikul Coffee adds a savory element to your coffee experience. Ideal for a group, this dish complements the cozy atmosphere of the café.

17. Speed Coffee

A small yet sought-after café, 7 Speed Coffee offers a fruity and strong cappuccino. Pair it with warm rissole filled with smoked beef, mayonnaise, and macaroni for a delightful combination.

Special Drink: Fruity and Strong Cappuccino

  • Despite its small size, 7 Speed Coffee is sought after for its fruity and strong cappuccino. Best enjoyed without sugar, this beverage offers a bold and flavorful coffee experience.

Recommended Snack: Rissole with Smoked Beef, Mayonnaise, and Macaroni Pieces

  • Paired with a cup of cappuccino, the warm rissole at 7 Speed Coffee is a perfect match. Filled with smoked beef, mayonnaise, and macaroni pieces, this snack enhances the overall coffee enjoyment.

18. Nitro Coffee

For a serene coffee experience, Nitro Coffee offers a cool atmosphere with brick walls and wooden ceilings. Indulge in manual coffee brews like Brew-V60 Manual and complement it with various croissant options for a peaceful me-time.

Special Drink: Brew-V60 Manual

  • For those seeking a serene coffee experience, Nitro Coffee is the ideal choice. The Brew-V60 Manual allows patrons to savor a manual coffee brew with beans of their choice, providing a personalized and calming me-time.

Recommended Pairing: Various Croissants

  • Enhance your me-time at Nitro Coffee with a selection of croissants. The café offers several choices, providing a delightful accompaniment to your manual brew.

19. Kopi Kalyan

If you’re a fan of Chai Coffee Latte, head to Kalyan Coffee in Senopati. The unique taste, initially reminiscent of ginger and later featuring the scent of orange peel, makes it a must-try. Pair it with the buttery Almond Chocolate Croissant for a perfect snack.

Special Drink: Chai Coffee Latte

  • Chai enthusiasts should head to Kalyan Coffee in Senopati for the unique Chai Coffee Latte. The distinctive taste, initially featuring ginger and later unfolding the scent of orange peel, makes this beverage a delightful and aromatic choice.

Perfect Snack: Almond Chocolate Croissant

  • Complement your coffee experience at Kalyan Coffee with the buttery Almond Chocolate Croissant. This snack adds a touch of sweetness to your visit, creating a perfect harmony with the Chai Coffee Latte.

20. Guten Morgen

Guten Morgen in Tomang defines the art of combining a quaint coffee shop with a charming flower store. Try their Kaffe Cubes, served with ice cubes of espresso and savory milk. Indulge in the not-too-strong yet perfectly sweet Chasu Donburi, featuring tender pork slices and a sunny side up egg.

Special Drink: Kaffe Cubes

  • Guten Morgen in Tomang defines the beauty of combining a coffee shop with a flower store. The Kaffe Cubes, served with ice cubes of espresso and savory milk, offers a not-too-strong yet perfectly sweet coffee experience.

Recommended Dish: Chasu Donburi

  • Indulge in Guten Morgen’s famous Chasu Donburi, a bowl of rice with tender pork slices and a sunny side up egg. This savory dish complements the warm and lovely ambiance created by the floral decor.


With this comprehensive guide, you’re equipped to explore the diverse and thriving coffee shops in Indonesia (Jakarta). Whether you prefer a trendy atmosphere, unique coffee blends, or delicious snacks, these top 20 coffee shops in Indonesia have something special to offer. Embark on a flavorful journey through Jakarta’s coffee culture, one cup at a time!