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Cold Brew vs Hot brew: Everything You Need to Know

Cold Brew vs Hot Brew

Cold brew definitely owns a special place in coffee aficionados’ hearts. However, only a few know the essential differentiation between cold-brewing and hot-brewing coffee. Accordingly, we have collected this information to give you insight into the important distinctions and facts between cold brew vs hot brew.

What Are The Definition of Cold Brew and Hot Brew 

cold brew vs hot brew

What is cold brew?

Cold brew is made of ground coffee beans brewed with cold or room-temperature water for 24 hours. You can easily make this type of coffee at home and keep it in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. However, it should be noted that cold brew is totally different from iced coffee. That’s because iced coffee drinks are made by adding ice to freshly brewed coffee.

What is hot brew?

As the name suggests, hot-brewed coffee is made by brewing ground coffee beans with hot water. There are several tools commonly utilized to brew hot coffee, such as a drip machine or a French press coffee maker. The hot-brewing one is also fast to serve and the easiest to make.

Cold Brew versus Hot Brew: Essential Distinctions to Know

1. The Coffee Acidity Level 

Coffee Acidity Level Cold Brew vs Hot Brew

Brewing ground coffee beans with hot or cold water will significantly affect their acidity. So, if you ask whether cold-brewing coffee is less acidic than hot-brewing one, the answer is yes. 

Based on Thomas Jefferson University studies, a cold-brewing coffee has a slightly higher pH than a hot-brewing one. But still, you have to pay attention to some exceptions to this examination. That’s because the acidity of cold-brewed coffee can be a bit tricky, and the method chosen to brew your hot coffee also matters. 

The pH of cold brew can vary from 5.10 to 6+, while espresso offers a ph of 4.9 to 6. To know the acidity level of coffee, you can use pH test strips. Meanwhile, the variety of acids in the coffee itself is eclectic, including citric acid, malic acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, tartaric, quinic acid, and chlorogenic acid.

2. The Taste of Cold-Brewed and Hot-Brewed Coffee 

Try to Taste of Hot Coffee

Brewing techniques create a significant flavor difference in cold and hot brews. Aside from having a lower level of bitterness than hot-brewed coffee, cold-brewed one also has a smoother, rounded, and mellow taste. Meanwhile, hot brewing coffee offers a sharper, bitter, and direct flavor.

3. The Caffeine Content in Cold-Brewing and Hot-Brewing Coffee 

Caffeine of Coffee

Furthermore, many questions were raised about whether cold-brewed coffee has less caffeine than hot-brewed one. Referring to research by Caffeine Informer, ready-to-drink cold and hot brew coffee can have varying caffeine content. While the average cold-brewing coffee drink has 200 mg of caffeine per 16 fluid ounces (473 ml), regular hot coffee can contain 326 mg of caffeine at the same dose.

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4. Which One Is Easier to Mix?

Coffee Mix

Between cold brew and hot brew, which one is more flexible? Hot coffee is, for sure, very satisfying and cozy to sip. However, this kind of coffee isn’t considered flexible or easy to mix into other drinks. On the contrary, the cold brewing method can create a coffee concentrate easily blended with many different compounds. Because of this, many people agree that cold brew coffee is easier to mix into other tasty caffeine drinks.

Cold Brew versus Hot Brew, Which One Is Stronger?

Regarding health benefits, is cold brew better than hot brew? Or which one is stronger? Cold-brewing coffee has a stronger taste compared to hot-brewing one, but it can depend on how you prepare your hot coffee. If you use a regular recipe with a proportion of 1 (coffee) : 5 (water), cold-brewed coffee can contain 518 mg of caffeine per 236 ml. Meanwhile, standard drip coffee can contain 175 mg of caffeine per 236 ml. Then if you use a French press machine, your hot coffee can have roughly 204 mg of caffeine per 236 ml.

Ergo, if you ask about cold brew vs hot brew coffee health, both have some differentiations in their health advantages. This is why it’s not necessary to determine who is the most healthy. For example, cold brew is the best choice for those with acid reflux or digestive issues; because its acidity level is less than hot brew. On the other hand, hot-brewed coffee offers higher levels of antioxidants that can prevent cancer and boost the body’s immunity.

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Cold Brew vs Hot Brew, Which One Is More Pricey? 

cold brew vs hot brew

The cold brewing method needs more ground coffee beans. That’s why cold-brewing coffee is more pricey than hot-brewing coffee. As mentioned before, to make a perfect concentrated coffee using the cold-brewing technique, you have to use a proportion of 1:5. Because of that, don’t be surprised if the price for a cold brew coffee in a coffee shop tends to be costly. The process of making it takes a longer time, and there is also a load of electrical costs to be paid to ensure it’s refrigerated perfectly during its steeping process. Cold brew vs hot brew, each has its own advantages. So, it is not necessary to drop one of them.