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Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b/EK1 80 Defects

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Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b/EK1 80 Defects

Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b EK1 80 Defects, represents a distinct profile within the world of coffee. Originating from the vast and diverse landscapes of Indonesia, particularly Sumatra, this coffee variety embodies a unique set of characteristics that define its quality, flavor, and overall appeal.

Origin and Significance

The origins of Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b/EK1 80 Defects can be traced back to the rich soils and favorable climate of Indonesia, a country celebrated for its diverse coffee production. Sumatra, in particular, is renowned for its robusta beans, which thrive in the region’s volcanic soils and tropical climate. This specific grade, labeled as Grade 4b or EK1 80 Defects, is a classification denoting its quality and defect count.


  1. Screen Size: The beans of Sumatra Robusta Grade 5 fall within the range of 13-19 screen size, ensuring a desirable consistency in appearance and quality.
  2. Moisture Content: With a maximum moisture content of 13%, these beans are carefully dried to preserve their flavors and prevent degradation.
  3. Defect Value: This grade permits a defect value of 61-80 defects per sample. Defects can encompass various irregularities such as insect damage, black beans, or other imperfections that affect the quality of the beans.
  4. Fragrance/Aroma: Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b is characterized by an earthy aroma, evoking the natural essence of its Indonesian origin.
  5. Flavor Profile: The flavor profile of this coffee variety is notably spicy and hot, presenting a robust and intense taste that sets it apart from other coffee beans.
  6. Body: Known for its full body, the fresh brew of Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b delivers a rich and satisfying coffee experience, making it a favorite among enthusiasts seeking bold flavors.

The Unique Attributes of Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b/EK1 80 Defects

Earthy Aroma

The captivating earthy aroma of Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b is a result of the region’s terroir, where the beans absorb the essence of the lush, tropical environment. This distinct aroma sets it apart from other coffee varieties, offering a sensorial journey with every brew.

Spicy and Hot Flavor

The flavor profile of this grade is a delight for those who seek a robust and intense coffee experience. Its spicy and hot characteristics create a memorable taste that lingers on the palate, distinguishing it from milder or more acidic coffees.

Full-bodied Freshness

The full-bodied nature of Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b ensures a satisfying cup, marked by a substantial and rich texture that coffee aficionados appreciate. This attribute contributes to its popularity among those who prefer a stronger and bolder coffee taste.

The Significance of Defects in Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b/EK1 80

The allowance for 80 defects within this grade reflects the challenges in coffee cultivation and processing. Defects can include various issues such as irregular sizes, discoloration, or damage caused during growth, harvesting, or processing. While high defect values may impact uniformity and overall quality, the distinctive flavors and characteristics of Sumatra Robusta Coffee often outweigh these defects, making it a sought-after choice for coffee connoisseurs.

Brewing and Enjoying Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b/EK1 80 Defects

To fully appreciate the robust flavors of Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b, brewing methods that accentuate its intensity and richness are recommended. Methods such as French press, espresso, or drip brewing allow the bold attributes of this coffee to shine through, delivering a memorable and flavorful cup.

Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b/EK1 80 Defects stands as a testament to Indonesia’s diverse coffee culture, offering a bold and distinctive experience cherished by coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Despite the permissible defects within this grade, its unique attributes of earthy aroma, spicy flavor, and full-bodied freshness make it a standout choice among coffee varieties, enticing those who seek a robust and memorable coffee experience.

Sumatra Robusta Grade 4b/EK1 80 Defects

Screen Size: 13-19
Moisture: Max 13%
Defect Value: 61-80 As per the sample
Origin: Indonesia
Fragrance/Aroma: Earthy
Flavor: Spicy, Hot
Fresh Body: Full Body